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This incredibly in-depth and honest review contains photographs from the members-only part to explain what’s going on. Existing data, information on the top sections, and what sort of stuff can be found there are all available. Charles Ngo, David Atias, Matuloo, Manu Cinca, John Crestani, Ian Fernando, Zack Franklin, Eric Gyepes, Mitesh Muley, Kulwant Nagi, Servando Silva, FbQueen, Taiwo Balogun, and many others are among those taking part.

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While I begin composing this, it occurs to me that I’ve been a paid individual from Stack That Money Forum, presently known as STM Forum, since January thirteenth, 2014!! While you’re having a good time and producing cash on the web, time most certainly passes quickly!

I’m a web engineer BS, I need to say in daily existence, on the grounds that nobody in Hungary knows what the term subsidiary showcasing means for sure a partner advertiser really does. That would be over 5 years I’ve euphorically named this discussion my home base, my usual hangout spot in the internet, where I’ve met a ton of awesome, unbelievable people with whom I can really interface.

Associations mean the world, and it’s one of the ‘covered up values’ that STM participants appreciate – they get to impart, conceptualize, and share battles and achievements with others who are down and dirty with themselves. I’m a firsthand confirmation that having a circle of experts to bob thoughts off of may prompt a great deal of achievement.

Time most certainly passes quickly while you’re having a good time. On account of STM, I met my very first JV Partner, with whom we made more than $3 million USD in benefits on CPI App Installs. It’s likewise where I met a few astonishing Nutra franchisees with whom I teamed up and made an extra cool million doing skin and eat fewer investigations in European geos in 2015/2016.

A further explanation STM is a particularly amazing arrangement is a direct result of its arbitrators. AMY, MATULOO, and stickup kid are a couple of my top choices (the person shares some crazy worth nowadays). Here’s the reason they’re so amazing.

  1. They are constantly online (do they really sleep?).

2. They are incredibly friendly and cool people that can introduce you to a lot of fantastic contacts who can help you receive special discounts and offers, meet new prospective partners for joint ventures, and much more!

3. They find your way, so if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing, the wonderful moderators on STM will spend time with you explaining in detail what to do next, where you went wrong, and what you should do.

At the method involved in composing this STM Forum audit, there have been 41,368 subjects and 354,137 posts. The vast majority ever online simultaneously was 1159, which is crazy given the little size of the offshoot promoting the local area.

This is large and also much BETTER if you’re on a tight budget. For instance, whether you purchase a course for $500, $997, $1497, $5000, or $14,000, the developer of the course does not include holding your hand. They offer you a notion, and then you’re on your own. However, with STM, you pay a reasonable monthly fee of $99 per month and enjoy UNLIMITED one-on-one time with the most experienced affiliates marketers and also the mods to help you every single time!

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The Content

You’re pondering precisely exactly the thing precisely is going on inside STM, and what individuals talk about by any means. What kind of data and brilliant lumps would you be able to hope to find? What will be the data that will bring you cash?

STM by and by has 11 sections, each having plenty of subsections. To make it more straightforward for you to assess this mind-boggling measure of data in ONE perusing, I’ll give you the lowdown on what you’ll find in every space and why it’s amazing; so how about we begin!

News and Information

There is likewise a segment with respect to the world’s #1 offshoot promoting gathering – Affiliate World Conferences – where you can find out about the speakers and get deals and decreases on tickets for the impending ones. This region contains Pronouncements and forward-thinking information on the offshoot promoting business, as they distribute a week-by-week email recapping what occurred, significant changes from traffic sources, new merchandise, administrations, captivating patterns, and, surprisingly, more. There are a few fantastic recordings from iStack preparing meetings and examples, as well as Job Opportunities displayed from AffJobs, data about systems administration occasions in your locale or close to you, and exceptional offers and limits accessible just to STM Members.

The Newbie Zone


Who knows, you may encounter somebody on day one with whom you can talk on Skype and study affiliate marketing while debating your favorite fantasy automobile and whether Las Vegas or Thailand is better. When you join, you should start by introducing yourself in the intro area, and you should also check out the intros of other individuals who have just joined.

The subsequent great beginning stage is Vortex (Amy’s) amazing 40-day bit by bit – super careful guidance on the best way to get everything rolling with ZERO insight and begin bringing in cash in subsidiary promoting.

It also includes a number of manuals that will teach you and answer many of your questions on just about everything you need to get begin with.

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There is a sub-segment inside that will instruct in a newbie way, with photos and recordings, how to get every one of the easily overlooked details done that go into running a worthwhile advertisement mission and buying media.

The Affiliate Marketing Forum part is the place where I like to hang out the most on the grounds that it covers the high-level things. Such incorporate specialized manuals for cloakers, trackers, other spying direction instruments, and an assortment of other more complicated things. This region alone has just about 50,000 postings, so it’s somewhat huge. This is the place where you can learn crazy things like clickjacking, content locking, high ctr picture cunning, improvement draws near, scaling strategies, etc.

There likewise is a sub for HODLERs who need to put their partner promoting cash in crypto risk.

In general, you’ll likewise find Masterminds, which I used a ton to join loads of fabulous skype gatherings and wire geniuses where individuals banter live techniques in regards to FB Ads, Google Ads, Native, Pops, and PUSH.

The region for item directors is tied in with systems administration with other item proprietors, figuring out how to make your own offers/items, or simply tracking down real sponsors to manage to keep away from the center man, otherwise known as the organization.

Except if you have any desire to be energized, read the examples of overcoming adversity; these are genuine records of other STM individuals who began as tenderfoots and become wildly successful. Here are some post titles to kick you off.

-$846,365 out of 9 months with ecom

-Example of overcoming adversity: $55,000,000

-Today: Two FB Accounts – Tier 1 – Pin Submit – 500% ROI

-Crossed $40K in July 2018 – Struggle of Digital Marketer in Affiliate Marketing

-10k benefit day after over an extended time of 0 returns

Roughly 180 additional achievements to keep you motivated and persuaded that YES, it is probably going to get an astonishing measure of cash with partner promoting and that it’s anything but a fake, MLM, or bogus (god I can’t stand that large number of negative doubters).

Traffic Sources

This part is excellent since it includes a FOCUS. So, if you run Facebook Ads, you can go to Facebook and view just articles, queries, tips, guidelines, and methods relating to that traffic source.

They also include an SEO part, a section devoted to Shopify and Drop Shipping and ECOM in general, and native traffic sources such as Taboola, Outbrain, and RevContent, to mention a few.

If you’re interested, I’ve released a ton of their tracking tokens on my blog; just perform a search – or my favorite tracker, REDTRACK, already has most of them built-in.

There’s also a part on EMAIL, where I met a pretty cool mailer who earns over a million dollars a year sending emails. Crazy!

Then there’s Pay Per Call, Display advertising such as Google Adwords, Bing, Search, and many more. To be honest, there are too many to name, and I’m growing tired of naming them all. It’s best if you look at the screenshot below.

Technical & Creative Skills

I acknowledge my success to my creative thinking; I always have a million concepts (of course, majority of them are bad, but there are always a few killer ones). STM has a department dedicated to creative expression and practical expertise, both of which are critical to success in the media buying world as an affiliate marketer working on achievement.

Programming, Servers, and Scripts have their own area. In affiliate marketing, we utilize a variety of killer scripts to increase our revenues, such as BackButton Script, pop-under, pop-over, and unique opt-in scripts to attract people to sign up for our lists and so on. We also require a large number of sophisticated web hosting options, such as dedicated servers and shared hosting with unique IP addresses.

The Tracking Campaigns area has a plethora of expertise ranging from setting up various trackers to adding new offers, traffic sources, and unique redirect pathways. Tracking is critical to campaign success, and STM offers tutorials on anything from prosper202 to the big guys like Binom, Thrive, Tracker, Voluum, and my personal favorite that my team is utilizing, RedTrack.

Did you guys know that? You may utilize GeoIP to determine the user’s City, State, and Country. On STM, you will discover how to achieve it. What about strategies for automating the deployment of thousands of servers to host distinct landing pages across the cloud? Yes, STM provides a guide for it as well.

Did you know that the time it takes for a website to load has a direct impact on the success of your Google ranking? You’ll also discover that it has an impact on CVR (Conversion rate), thus the slower the page, the less conversions, which is why they even provide a guide on how to optimize for A,A,A speed!

There is just so much wonderful information on STM from A to Z that you have to see it! It’s a good thing they provide a three-day money-back promise if you don’t like it (but you will trust me)

Inside the Design, Imagery, Banners & Landers area, there are additional step-by-step guidelines for Photoshop, how to design high-conversion banners, how to optimize landing pages using A/B testing like where to put the header image, where to put the heading, and many more ideas.

By the way, Banners & Landers is a firm that generates landing pages, WordPress sites, and creatives for a low cost.

Copywriting, Conversion, and Psychology is another one of my favorite sections inside the StackThatMoney VIP forum. Why do I enjoy it so much? Because ANGLES and copywriting are essential for success. You can simply start tearing and operating content found using spy tools such as MagicAdz or AdPlexity, but these creative types and inbound marketing will never carry out the necessary as well as if you created them from scratch – so this section will teach you about psychology and how to write high converting advertorials as well as ad creative texts that get high click-through prices!


Isn’t it true that no paid forum would be complete without a classifieds section? STM has its own, which is organized into three divisions.

  • Buy/Sell/Hire
  • Products and Services
  • Networks/Offers.

Under the Vendors section of STM, you can buy and sell accounts to various traffic sources, as well as find new partners for Joint Ventures (JV’s) where you do all the work and the other person pays for the traffic – or vice versa, or some special setup you guys agree on via STM Members only chat or Skype.

Exclusive CPA offers from networks may be found behind these walls, as well as discounts on programming, design, virtual assistants, and a variety of other services affiliates use to begin their campaigns. There are also fantastic bargains on trackers, spy gadgets, and a variety of other items. I regularly use and suggest MagicAdz for Facebook espionage; sign up for a free trial here. Also, for mobile and native advertising, I propose AdPlexity, which you can sign up for right here.


There are also productivity suggestions; my dear friend Charles Ngo is the master of productivity advice, and many of his secrets are published on STM right here in this area.

This is the area for everything that doesn’t fit into the other categories. There’s an OFF TOPIC area where you can discuss everything from how you spend your downtime to what everyone’s favorite steakhouse is to how to overcome sadness induced by affiliate marketing.

STM Members are adventurers; they work from the beach on their computers so you can assume there are some wonderful travel hacking methods on how to acquire the lowest flight, which areas are worth visiting as an internet marketer, and what sort of things are must see and must do in various regions. On their trips, some males even discuss about all the girls and their experiences.

Like Gerard Dela Porta, who is well-known for his Mr. Romance character, romancing 18-year-olds all around Thailand!

If you’re not into ladies of the night, don’t worry; there are quite a ton of wonderful ‘family’ affiliates, and more are joining the ranks every day as the community matures. There’s a ton of useful information about what to do at conferences, what to bring, how to talk to CPA network people, how to network, and much more.

Obviously, health is really essential, especially if you sit in front of a computer for several hours a day – therefore there are wonderful ideas on what to eat, when to eat, diet plans, work out routine recommendations for affiliates – things to do and not do in hotel gymnasium, and many more that are all about Health.

FitAffiliate, the most well-known affiliate marketer and health enthusiast, lives in STM. When I chat to him, he constantly surprises me; he’s an extremely brilliant man and a genuine super affiliate!

Localized Discussions

STM currently focuses on supporting debate in a variety of languages, including French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. I won’t go into detail about what these areas have to offer because I can’t read those languages, but the main advantage is that you can meet individuals who speak your language, whatever that may be. STM en Français, STM in het Nederlands, STM auf Deutsch, STM in Italiano, STM en Espaol are some of the subsections of the specialized STM forum.

Achievements and Awards

If you’re seeking for inspiration, I heartily recommend the Revenue Milestones sub-section on this thread. The tales there are factual; they are genuine testimonials from people who are making money with affiliate marketing as a result of what they learnt on STM. It’s not false news, as Donald Trump would say, and it’s not $5 video testimonies from Fiverr. These are 100 percent genuine, honest, and sincere evaluations to keep you inspired even when things are tough and you’re spending all of your money trying stuff (or buying data as they say).

I received an STM Award for My Ultimate Spying Guide a few years ago, as well as an iPad, which my 3-year-old daughter still uses today. Unfortunately, there is no mention of these awards in this section, but they do provide a perfect location to discuss your aims, share your triumphs, and showcase some of your winning campaigns from the past or current.

Old But Still EPIC

STM has been around for a long time, but it did not begin with thousands of threads. I mean, everything starts from scratch and grows through time. They have achieved significant success because to Lorenzo Green, often known as Mr. Green, one of STM’s founding fathers. StackMan and Besmir (Jordan). These individuals used to conduct several campaigns and provide a plethora of case studies, ideas, and methodologies, which you may find in this section.

Fortunately, STM is constantly on top of what’s going on right now, and because to amazing moderators like and Amy alias Vortex on STM, they continue to deliver up to current knowledge via case studies and how-to instructions that work today.

My favorite supermod, the late Caurmen, provided some of the most extensive, exhaustive guidelines that helped many individuals make millions of dollars online. Many of his papers have already been retired under this area as outdated knowledge, but they are still worth reading because the methods and ways of doing things haven’t changed much – only the regulations that limit what you can and cannot do on traffic sources in 2019.

Help & Support

This is perhaps the most monotonous area, in which you inquire about bills, resolve account-related difficulties such as being unable to log in to STM or having difficulty accessing the account, and so on. Wanting to modify your username, as well as other administrative aspects of your STM membership.


STM Forum is reasonably priced at $99 a month, which is a steal considering the amount of content you receive.

On STM, you will pay $99 a MONTH and will get access to not one, but over a dozen full-time moderators who will assist you and ‘hold your hand’ throughout your trip.It makes no difference if you are a rookie hoping to quit your 9-5 and become a full-time affiliate marketer; or whether you are a family man tired of working two jobs to keep your family alive and searching for a fresh new chance in a place where you may make millions. They handle everyone with the same level of respect, whether they are new or advanced. They will assist, make advice, and follow up with you to see how you are doing. All of this for $99 per month.

Please allow me to clarify what I mean. If you buy a course, which is generally one single technique to perform one thing, you will pay at least $500 for that course.

If you want to engage an expert like me to work with you one-on-one through Skype, I will charge you $2000 per hour since it is not worth my time otherwise.

People who can’t pay $99 per month should avoid affiliate marketing entirely. You’ll need tools, a developer, and a designer, or you’ll have to be a master of all trades. With that in mind, $99 per month is a very low price for the amount of value you receive.

It will not only give you access to full-time mentoring, but you will also be capable of learning and get assistance from other affiliate marketers who are just starting out, individuals who have been at it for a while, or super affiliates like myself (iAmAttila), Charles Ngo, John Crestani, Eric Gyepes, and many others who are active members of the STM community.


  • A mind-boggling quantity of knowledge
  • STM is used by the world’s largest super affiliates.
  • You can network with others who are knowledgeable about what you do.
  • You can receive hand-holding level support to help you become lucrative.
  • For $99 per month, this is insane value.
  • Awe-inspiring member-only savings on conferences, software as a service tools, services, and more.


  • Not for anyone searching for a quick and easy method to make money.


STM is far more valuable than $99 each month, in my opinion.

I joined STM in January of 2014, and I’ve been one of the happiest members for nearly 5 years. STM provided me with the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals and gain a plethora of new skills. When you join, the learning curve is INTENSE, as if your brain is being updated with fresh new info you never knew existed, exactly as in the movie Johny Mnemonic.

I owe my accomplishment of generating over $7 million dollars online to the contacts and information received from the Stack That Money forum and its amazing users. How? When I was running CPI installs years ago, I encountered a man who informed me I could perform app installs on Google uncloaked, which allowed me to try a shitload of angles till I found insanely high converting ones without worry. For the CPI run, I was also able to go direct to the Clean Master offer owner, whom I contacted through a PM on STM, and receive a greater compensation than if I had ran it through a network.


After which came the nutra phase, where we endorsed trial offers with JumbleBerry (who I also managed to meet on STM) and then C2M (who I also heard about on STM…). I was able to get in with the right connections at the networks, get authorised instantly because they knew me from STM (skipping the phone interview, and other bureaucracies), and get the best offers right away that were not public on the network, and spend $5-6 per CPA and get paid $36. If you do the arithmetic, that is an astounding ROI.

Nowadays, I’m very interested PUSH, which I originally heard about from MR PAYNE, a renowned and highly brilliant STM moderator. This individual appears to have been using PUSH since Chrome allowed it; he even created his own traffic source, which provided him with free traffic. His advice provided me an advantage before everyone else heard about Push and all the huge networks like MegaPush, RichPush, and ZeroPark PUSH started springing up with their own push traffic source offers. So, again, STM offered me an edge since I was a member. Without STM, I would have discovered push after everyone else – and as we all know, greater competition equals lower profit margins and makes things more difficult.

When you would like to be ahead of the game and be a part of a community that is always improving and cutting-edge, on top of current affiliate marketing trends and how to earn money in 2022 – join STM FORUM! You will not be sorry, I assure it! Become a member of our group!


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